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10 Recommended Study Habits for Students

10 Recommended Study Habits for Students

Genius child is not born, but they become intelligent and successful by honing these 10 recommended study habits. Your child can also become successful in his Grade, if he religiously follows below mentioned success mantra.

1.Don’t try to mug up all lessons a night before exam.
If a child wants to be successful in his exam, he should study consistently and regularly over a shorter study period.

2. Set a regular schedule of study.
Students who study whimsically, do not score high in studies than those who follow regular study schedule. Find out what time of day works well for you, for some students morning wee hours is perfect to memorize lessons. Whereas some students like to study at night, while whole world is sleeping.

3. Study at the same place.
Some students like to study sitting on the chair with a table, which is the best and advisable. Whereas some students like to sit on bed and study, though it should be avoided. I have seen some students walking and studying at the top of terrace or in garden. Care must be taken that enough light is available while studying.

4.Goal setting is important.
it is important to set up a goal before studying. Studying or planning to study without any goal is useless. One must set a goal for that particular study sessions. Like completing Physics Chapter 10 in this 2 hour. One must also measure the output of the study.

5. Do not delay.
Once the study session is set; avoid the temptation to delay. It is very common when child is playing with a neighbourhood child or a favourite movie is playing on Television. Parents should actively encourage their child to resume his study.

6. Prepare the most difficult subject first.
Since most effort is required to study the most difficult subject, he should concentrate on this subject first. Once he has completed this difficult subject, he would be more confident to study other subject as well.

7. Make a habit of taking notes.
Develop a habit of taking notes, while studying. Information and study material are plenty available online. But there is no substitute of taking notes with a pen and paper. Moreover, studying the subject and writing it once on a piece of paper is equivalent to 10 times of studying, and chances of retaining information is high. He can even review his notes to find out his mistakes like spelling mistake, missing key points, etc.

8. Groups or Isolation.
Find out what works best for you, for some students they prefer to study alone in isolation. While some students like to study in groups. But groups need to be structured and each member should contribute actively. Momentum and spirit must be kept high else gossip mongering may soon take place and books will be kept aside.

9. Review school work notes.
It is important to review notes on weekend. If absents notes must be kept updated by taking notes of some good students having clear hand writing. If your school allows, it is better to take photocopy to save time and energy.

10. Reward yourself.
If you have achieved your goal in the prescribed study hour, reward yourself may be with a candy or watch your favourite show.

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