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Vision Statement

Our Vision

The vision of Sought Out International School is to be the reference point for academic excellence in Africa

Mission Statement

Our Mission

Divine Sought Out Brains Academy is dedicated to reaching out and maintaining all-round standards in education at low cost for all

Sought Out Anthem

We are students of
Sought Out School
Our Motto is Envisioning the future
We created standard for the world
In the school!

We are proud to be Sought Out
Sought-Out! Sought-Out!!
Sought-Out! Sought-Out!!
Our works are diligent and excellent
We are happy, we are proud
We are blessed to be
Sought Out!

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Welcome to Sought Out

Welcome to Sought Out International School. Here your child starts on a learning journey filled with exciting, stimulating experiences. We believe you could not wish for a better start to school life.

The aims of the school team is to:

  • Provide a well-planned and resourced curriculum.
  • Meet the emotional, spiritual and educational needs of each child.
  • Help children learn and provide opportunities for all children to succeed.
  • Provide an atmosphere of care and of feeling valued.
  • Encourage each child to become independent.

Parents are children’s first and most enduring educators.  When parents and school work together this has a positive impact on your child's development and learning.
Sought Out International School started with the sole purpose to provide “Schooling through the fear of God as foundation for total care for real success at affordable Price” without compromising academic standards, amenities and values.

Why Join Sought Out

Learning at Sought Out is student-centric and moral growth oriented and knowing whom God is. It provides a personalized and balanced education. It polishes the uniqueness of each child and aims to develop them physically, intellectually, spiritually, artistically, socially, emotionally and ethically. The caring atmosphere, expert faculty, innovative mentoring and excellent facilities make parents all proud to send their children to Sought Out.

The school actively promotes and teaches social, emotional and behavioral skills through the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) program. These skills are essential for children to become effective and successful learners as well as enabling them to make and sustain friendships, manage their feelings and work and play cooperatively. During the year you may be asked to work with your child on activities which support the work going on in school.

Our Code of Conduct

Without parental support and involvement in matters of discipline, the School would have great difficulty in helping children with behavioural problems. In the event of major discipline problems, the Head of School will consult with parents and involve them with the relevant staff in dealing with the matter. In the event of a child damaging property non-accidentally that belongs either to school or to another pupil, a charge of replacement will be levied. However, the School does not accept responsibility for personal items lost on the premises. We expect children to adhere to the following code:

  • Treat other people as you would want them to treat you.
  • Respect and be courteous to ALL people equally.
  • If you cannot get along with someone then bring the matter to any teacher.
  • Toys should not be brought to school unless authorized by a class teacher.
  • Lollipops, chewing gum and bubble gum are not allowed.
  • Matches, knives, toy guns and other similar objects are not to be brought to school.
  • Mobile phones are not to be brought to school.


Libraries help children to develop the skills of reading both for pleasure and information. The School provides well organised libraries with a range of reading and non-book materials e.g. story tapes, videos, story sacks for children of all abilities across the Key Stage and meets with the requirements of the National Curriculum. There is a fiction and non-fiction section. Children are encouraged to visit the library with their parents before and/or after school. Every class visits the library each week with the class teacher. The school expects the children to respect the books and resources in the library and resort center and to treat them with care. Please leave the library tidy after you have visited it, ensure that all books have been returned to the correct shelves and any items used have been returned to the correct story sack. Please note that the story sacks, big books, videos and story tapes may not be borrowed as they are a teaching resource.

Excursion/Field Trips

During the school year, your child may be involved in a variety of educational visits. Teachers plan these visits carefully to help reinforce ideas and concepts linked to a current area of study. Teachers will have made a recent pre-visit to check out the site and facilities. Parents may be asked to pay a token for School trips. Unless specifically stated otherwise, children are expected to wear a full school uniform on all day trips. A minimum of two teachers will accompany any off site visit. A first aid kit is taken with the group. The Head of School will have a list of the itinerary and names and contact numbers for all children.

Path to Success

Over the years, we have produced students who made it to the top of their dreams. Schooling with us gives you the guarantee of continuing your education with the top universities in the world.

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